Children with ADHD are not well understood

Children with ADHD are unfortunately not well understood.

The word “ADHD” is also easily used. But if your child has this developmental disorder, it is pretty difficult for her or him to come along well. Both at school and in social contact. Children with ADHD are often so impulsive that they are avoided by other children. Long-term concentrating in the classroom often does not work, which means that these children cannot absorb learning material and easily fall behind.

Of course children with ADHD also have very nice and good sides, but it is the negative part that get the emphasis. Especially because it is about social contact and school performance. It can make children very insecure if they cannot come along. As a parent, you should pay attention to this and ensure that your child is properly looked into to see if your child has ADHD and what you can do about it.

In practice, I see a lot of parents contacting the teachers, because it is often insufficiently understood what it means for the children and what support they need in the classroom. Medication can help to concentrate better and be less impulsive, but it is certainly not a panacea. Very often it is searching for the right medication and the correct dosage. And medication does not always have to be the way. Behavioral therapy (whether in combination with medication) can also help. What I notice a lot in practice is that it helps children regain their self-confidence. They discover within themselves what is wrong and how they can deal with their difficulties. Understanding and support from parents and school is essential for them.